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Park Reopens, Time for a New Adventure

Hawaii Volcanoes National Park is finally open! It was getting grim with the government shutdown and the lava virtually not flowing. But that’s ok, because our Innkeepers did a great job at recommending other adventures for our guests. However, we know that the majority of the people come to Volcano for the park. In turn, I wanted to do a special adventure, for those really seeking a totally different experience while on vacation.

Please note that what I’m about to describe, in my eyes, is in the top five most beautiful beaches in the world. And yes, it’s right here in Hawaii Volcanoes National Park. However, with that said, this hike is hard, hot, and long. Really, it’s only for the avid day hikers. The reward is priceless and astonishing, but it may leave you a little sore.


Halape is one of those beaches that’ll leave you speechless. Before you head out be prepared. You’ll need a permit, lots of water (recommended 3 liters/person), snacks, sunscreen, and appropriate footwear. To get there you’ll have to decide on one of the trails. Whichever way you take it’ll be 8-12 miles, ONE WAY! Like I said, it’s really for the avid hikers.

Me with a Sea Turtle Hatchling at Halape

About 2 miles prior to arrival, sites of palm trees sway in the distance like a mirage. The final descent into Halape is rugged and trying, but when you get to the beach the views are breath taking. Turquoise water, huge palm trees, white sand, gentle waves… Set-up your hammock or go for a swim. Relax, recharge, and explore. Follow the beach all the way to the end and look for the last palm tree. There you will find a trail going to a brackish crack or nature’s swimming pool. Please rise all sunscreen, deodorant, and soap off in the ocean prior to going in. This is a very sensitive ecosystem, please respect it.

The Crack at Halape

Halape holds a very special place in my heart. And I hope it does the same for you. Be prepared, respectful, and have fun!



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