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»  Emma Spencer Living Donates to Guatemalan Schools

Emma Spencer Living Donates to Guatemalan Schools

Summer is a time for students to explore and enhance their lives in ways beyond school. Emma and Spencer Staak raised money to buy school supplies and sport equipment for schools in Guatemala. This year with help from Emma Spencer Living they distributed sporting equipment to some of the schools around the Lake Atitlan area.

“Giving these children basic school supplies and sporting equipment makes a difference in these Guatemalan lives,” says Emma Staak.  ”These schools have so little compared to our schools in Illinois.  When I first visited a Guatemalan school four years ago I knew I had to be involved in improving their schools.”

“My brother, Spencer, wanted to help as well.  He has helped collect used school supplies at the end of school several years since then.”

The schools in Guatemala face numerous concerns and issues that would never occur in the United States.  Many of the students have to work in order to provide money for the family, which means more absences from school.

One school in Panajachel is located behind the local market and focuses on the street children who have no parents.

“Some of the students come to school hungry and they receive a piece of bread and some milk,” shared Emma.  ”The children work part of the day walking the streets selling locally produced merchandise and then come to school for a few hours.  Many of these children are 5 and 6 years old and have already faced survival in its basic form.”

Spencer Staak observed, “It makes me sad when I visit these schools and see how little they have. But, I also realize what a difference a simple action of sharing slightly used pencils can make in their lives.”

Emma wants to build awareness of the school’s needs in Guatemala.  ”There have been times when our garage has been full of school supplies.  My parents have been supportive of Spencer’s and my desires to help the schools.  My goal is to continue to improve the education even if we can only impact a few schools.  To me, education is the foundation for these people to change their lives.”

Not only did Emma and Spencer raise money for school supplies and sporting equipment, they also raised awareness across the world. Emma, Spencer, and the entire staff at Emma Spencer Living would like to thank everyone who participated in the “Helping Hands” fundraiser. Mahalo Nui Loa!

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