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Fresh Fruit

Summer in Hawaii offers a plethora of exotic fruits. Currently, the lychee season is going off! Go to any farmers market and find crates upon crates of lychee. Many people aren’t familiar with lychee. And honestly, if you never had one make sure to try one. These small, red, sweet fruits are very tasty. And if you aren’t sure, ask your innkeeper! Chances are if you stay at Volcano Village Lodge over the next few months there will be fresh lychee on your plate in mornings.


Not only are the lychee trees fruiting all over Hilo, but just north on the Hamakua Coast the melons are taking over fields. Just the other day when I went to the farmers market and watermelon, green melon, and cantaloupe were being sold! Ah biting into a slice of fresh, chilled watermelon after a long day of hiking is bliss.

Hawaii Island Watermelon. Typical Fruit Plate at Volcano Village Lodge

Not sure what to try when you visit a local, Hawaii farmers market, please ask us! Or even better make a request with the lodge staff to provide local, seasonal, exotic fruit. We are more than happy to accommodate curious taste buds.

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