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»  Puna: Rich in History and Lava

Puna: Rich in History and Lava

In the District of Puna you can find road ways over grown with mangoes, black sand beaches, geothermal pools, lava, and much more.

Puna, which consists of Volcano, Keaau, Pahoa, and Kalapana may not be the easiest of places to reach but this district is rich in history, culture, and adventures. First off, the lava can only be accessed from the county side near Kalapana. At Volcano Village Lodge we have a few tour companies that we trust and recommend to any interested in a guide lava hike. Unfortunately, Madame Pele flows over private, federal, and county lands, therefore you do need a guide!

Lava Night Hikes in Puna

While you’re on your way down to Kalapana take the coast near Pahoa. One of my favorite spots on the island are the Kapoho Tide Pools. An isolated stretch of tide pools, Kapoho is perfect for beginner snorkelers. However, make sure to go at a higher tide and wear reef shoes. Another reason Kapoho holds a place in my heart, is from the large lava fountain eruption back in 1960. The lava fountains of this specific eruption site were over 1,000 feet tall and destroyed many homes. Kapoho tide pools were created from this act of nature. Kapoho and Puna in general, is a great place to see the destruction and creation of land, making it a very special area.

Raccoon Butterfly Fish

Whether you want to see lava or snorkel in an old eruption site, Puna has lots to see. While staying at Volcano Village Lodge make sure to add an extra day to your itinerary to visit and explore the Puna District. And ask our Innkeepers for up to date lava information, they love talking story about Puna!

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